Ombre Powder Brows

This brow tattooing technique is the best way to mimic your filled/make up in brows while still keeping your brows natural. Powder brows perfect for clients who prefer fuller result than hair-strokes but still want to keep their brows natural. The front of the brows kept light to give you that natural brow look (Ombre Effect). After this procedure your brows will be waterproof, smudge-proof and completely natural.

What to expect during the healing process after the procedure

Before Procedure

Immediately After

6 weeks healed


No caffine/alcohol the day of the appointment

No vitamins/fish oil supplements or medications that thins out your blood 2 days prior to your appointment date (ibuprofen, aspirin, niacin)

No brow tinting

No facials 2 weeks prior (microdermabrasion or anything that is invasive to the skin)➣ No Botox or fills around the brow area 3 weeks prior


Does tattooing the brow area harm existing brow hair or hair follicle?

It does not, brow hairs affected by hormones, health and nutritions.

How long does it last?

Skin type is a big factor, if you have oily skin the pigment will lighten up faster compare to someone who has normal/dry skin. The pigment fades slowly like a regular tattoo. Annual touch ups recommended.

Is the touch up required?

The first touch up (6-8 weeks) is required for the best result. Areas that didn't retain pigment wil be touched up and we double check to see if any minor changes needed to perfect your brows.

Is this a tattoo?

Yes, this is a tattoo. This procedure is outlined with a needle and shaded in with a needle. Any pigment inserted into your skin is considered a tattoo but we do not use regular tattoo pigment, we use advanced pigments formulated for the brows. Nothing will be permanent until you approve the pre-draw.


Some indiduals are not suitable for this procedure

Please read the following permanent make-up contraindications carefully to evaluate if you are an eligible candiate

➺ Women who are pregant or breastfeeding (risk of spreading bloodborne pathogens to your unborn child or through breast milk)

➺ Individuals who uses Accutane, the skin is thin, dry and senstive. You need to wait for a least one year after treatment for your skin to completely heal to be a suitable candidate for this procedure

➺ If you have keloid prone skin. HIV/Hepatitis, or skin cancer

You must be 18+, even with parental consent we cannot offer this procedure to individuals who are under 18 years old


Cost: $500 includes inital appointment and first touch up in 7-8 weeks

+100 for correction brows

➺ a $50 deposit is required to secure an appointment (via Venmo, CASH or ApplePay) it will be credited towards the service the day of appointment, this booking fee will not be refunded for cancellations

Appointments are not secured until deposired recieved

➺ If you need to reschedule please give a 72hr notice to be able to use your $50 credit for another date or your booking fee will be forfeited and you will have to send in a new booking fee

➺ Anuual maintenace 12-18 months $200

➺ Touch up for 2-3 years $250-350

➺ You will recieve a copy of the aftercare for the procedure